Yes - I need Help, I need Jesus

Are you lost?

Are you lost in a world of confusion and pain? If you desperately need to find the way to Gods  gentle, loving and merciful salvation, read on.

As explained in the Bible, you were created by God to be His child and to share in His love and tender mercies. But since you were born into a sinful world, you have no-doubt experienced pain and suffering. You may even feel that there is nothing left to live for. Take courage, your life can be snatched up into the soft and loving salvation that came only through Jesus Christ the Son of God.

God loves you so much that He sacrificed His only Son, for you. Christ, the mighty Son of God, was humiliated and reduced to a humble servant at the wish of His Father. In total obedience to the command of His Father, Jesus Christ died in a gruesome way on a cross to save your life. He, Christ, loves you as a brother and endured unthinkable pain so you may be released from your chains.

A price was paid.

The details of Christ’s love for you and the example He showed us on earth is written in the Bible. He says in the Bible, that He is the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

The Bible proclaims that Jesus was raised from the dead by the power of God, after suffering for you. He paid the price for your sins, so that you may receive the Fathers love without any bounds. Christ was raised and crowned with many crowns, and every person on earth will eventually kneel before Him and proclaim that He is God.

But why did He pay this great price for you? The Bible proclaims that everyone has sinned and is guilty, condemned to eternal death and great wrath from God, because we rejected Him, our Creator. When He created human beings in His image, and gave them everything they needed, they turned their backs on Him and clung to another god. This is the enemy of God, the devil. Though he, the devil, who was created by God and lived in Gods presence, he rebelled and became Gods enemy.

By siding with the devil, the whole world rebelled with him and now deserves his punishment - eternal suffering in a burning hell.

Whose side are you on?

Have you sided with the devil? The Bible explains that he who is not for God is against Him. There are 2 sides and if you do not choose Christ as you Lord and Saviour, and live a life worthy of Him by obeying the will of the Father, as written in the Bible, you are siding with the devil.

Your guilt, just like every person on earth is punishable by unimaginable pain that never stops. Even if you have suffered on earth, you will never escape this unbearable pain and suffering in the afterlife if you do not choose Jesus Christ and His loving and gracious forgiveness of your sins.

Jesus Christ suffered for you. You just have to take it. It is free and here for you right now. No Church, person or institution can save you, only Christ can. You have to accept Jesus as your personal Saviour and your Lord. As written in the Bible, you will be born into a new spiritual being, united with God your Father, and find a new and beautiful friend in your Saviour.

There IS hope!

As written in the Bible, you will be released from your heavy sinful burden and given a new hope - Hope in Christ, the Son of God. You will be able to receive the Holy Spirit of God that guides and teaches you through the Bible. With the help of the Holy Spirit, your life will not only change completely, but you will find your purpose in this short life. God made you for Him. You should life for Him. Only then, will you find true fulfillment, joy and the peace of God which transcends all understanding.

Jesus is the door. Through Him you enter into a new life and a new hope. This new life will never end - as explained in the Bible. In this new life you will live as a privileged child of the Living God, the Creator of Heaven and earth, Who will shower you with love and grace.

If you are ready, pray this prayer now

Pray this prayer

Lord Jesus, my God and my Saviour, I am lost without you. I acknowledge that my life is worth nothing without your wonderful love and forgiveness. I acknowledge that I have lived a sinful life that I now despise. I believe that you are the mighty Son of God and died on the cross for my sin so that I can now receive life because of your death. I acknowledge that I am buried in my sin and I beg you to forgive me now for everything I have done wrong. Please take my sin, my past and my guilt away from me. Blot it out, never to be seen again, just like You promise in the Bible. Wash me with your redeeming blood and save my life from death and the wrath of my God and my Maker.

Oh my Lord and my Hope, create in me a new heart. Give life to my spirit and take me into Your glorious Kingdom just like you promised in you Book - the Bible. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may live a life worthy of your Name.

Oh Holy Spirit, my councilor and my Teacher. You are the Spirit of God that my Lord Jesus sent to guide and teach me until He comes to take me home. As the Bible proclaims, I believe that you will explain the words of my God, written in the Bible, and that you will teach me His ways. I have given my life to my Lord Christ and now humbly ask that you will help me find the kingdom of my God and His righteousness.

Thank you Father God for loving me so much. I come to you in the Name of Jesus your Son who made me righteous. Please let Your will be done in my life and save me from the traps of the devil. Guard my life and help me to withstand till the very end. Help me to read your Word - the Bible and to live a life that you love - pure and holy.

If you prayed this prayer with full conviction in humility and believe, you have now become a child of the Living God, through Jesus Christ.

Welcome Home !

This is only the beginning. Many good things are to follow, but beware, the devil is now your enemy. Everything you used to know and do may now become a snare to you. But do not fear, read the Bible and trust your God. He is stronger than the devil and will help you.

There is so much to learn and grow, but start by reading the Bible from cover to cover. Remember to ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to you. He will teach you the truth. The Bible is the truth of God and will teach you the way you should go.

You will learn of truth, testing, perseverance, love, mercy, life, sacrifice and much, much more...

Rejoice in your God - He is your Hope now. You are not alone - He is with you!


(The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - a Trinity)